How Did You Get Here?

24 Feb

WordPress has this neat little feature where you can look at the search terms people use to find your blog. Today I’m doing a one stop shop for my most popular searches.

A popular category of search terms involves having 3 kids & kids in general:

  • Goose egg head pictures here you go.
  • Going Hanoi with kids – It’s a crazy way to exercise but I bet kids would love it!
  • How to three kids – I have no idea how to either.
  • Kindergarten Shots + Brave – It’s a good idea to push bravery but I can guarantee these are the worst shots for both parents & kids.
  • I love having 3 kids – Me too!

I hadn’t anticipated people would come here for fashion tips but I do have a fashionable bunch:

  • Picture of a fashion cycle – I believe you are looking for this. It’ll make your head spin.
  • Search chaos fashion – You must be looking for T~.

One of the more popular searches involves Lego’s. In particular Lego Cities.

  • Rilly big Lego city – I don’t R-E-A-L-L-Y like text slang.
    лего сити – Yup, we have a new one going up right now.

My most popular search is for Cartus. Yes, I can appreciate the irony. There’s at least one Cartus search per day. See if you can identify the theme:

  • Buying a house through Cartus – Don’t.
  • Cartus Complaints – Get in line.
  • Relocation Company Problems – Google “Cartus”.
  • Anyone used Cartus to sell your home? – Unfortunately yes. I’d rather set myself on fire than do that again.
  • Does Cartus pay well – Does it matter? You’d have to be an amoral jack wagon to want to work there.
  • Does Cartus really ever buy out a house – My educated guess? No.
  • Cartus legal fraud – I believe that is their mission statement.
  • Cartus reimbursement – Good luck!
  • Is Cartus a scam – Absolutely!

My favorites are the completely random, off-the-wall searches:

  • Can’t rss feed caringbridge – Maybe it’s not hungry.
  • Define stinkeye – Your eye stinks.
  • Lickety split cough – Does it sound something like this?
  • Reasons why its twough to be a woman – Does that  mean doubly tough? Try bra shopping.
  • Despicable Me cookies – I’d like one!
  • El Yunque Falls naked – I believe you must know this guy.



One Response to “How Did You Get Here?”

  1. Coley - Giving it our all February 27, 2011 at 11:33 pm #

    omg, crack me up! I’ve got some pretty funny ones (and some pretty creepily specific ones) too.

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