Speaking Of Crazypants…

18 Feb

Yesterday it was 60° & overcast.  Naturally that calls for shorts, sleeveless shirt, & flip-flops.  At least for G~ it does.  He came running home after school & immediately was down on his knees begging for my approval on his intended wardrobe.  Who has I to deny him a healthy case of goosebumps?  T~ was thrilled at the precedent set by G~ & was off to find shorts (they used to be capri’s) & sandals.  All three kids spent the afternoon riding bikes & scooters with friends.  There were scores of bikers & runners & dog walkers out dodging puddles & enjoying the chance to get out doors without a heavy coat.  I think the only people who didn’t relish the day were the poor schmoe’s that had to work.  Like J~.  He came home to discover he’d been kicked out of the garage.  Bikes before van. 😉

To make the day just that much better, it was the kids & my Friday.  We have a 4 day weekend.  No idea why, just happy to not set an alarm.

Today hasn’t been as warm but it is much sunnier.  G~ & T~ were upset with my No Shorts rule, but it’s only 45°. And it’s supposed to snow on Sunday.

*insert segue here*

The kid’s school has a fantastic music teacher.  We were mightily impressed last year at E~’s Chorus concert.  Last night she impressed us even more with the 4th Grade musical, Joust.  All the kids who wanted speaking parts got one.  All the kids were in costumes made by Mrs. Music & a couple of other volunteers.  For an elementary production, it was very polished.  The kids knew their lines, the songs were well done & choreographed.  A top-notch production.

Here is E~, the French King.



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