Does She Ever Take Off The Crazypants?

17 Feb

I don’t have an official policy about discussing politics on the blog.  I think most of my readers know which way I lean, but I try really hard to not espouse my political views for fear of alienating readers.  I couldn’t help myself though when Michele ‘Crazypants’ Bachman took on Michelle Obama’s breast-feeding initiative.

Obama sought a tax benefit for breast pumps & nursing supplies, making the supplies eligible for Flex Spending Accounts & a deduction for those who qualify.  The IRS deemed pumps & supplies to be a medical expense & now allows the deduction or the use of the FSA to purchase the equipment.  Seems fairly straight forward.  It’s a well-known, well documented, well-studied fact that breastfeeding is best for babies (& moms).  They are generally healthier, less likely to be obese, & it is what babies were designed to eat.  Breast-feeding promotion is a good fit for Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign & is a good fit for the medical supply category.

Bachman has decided Obama’s attempt to promote breastfeeding is one more notch in the bedpost of our ‘Nanny State’.  Only, she doesn’t seem to remember that the gov’t already has a huge part in feeding babies.  After all, WIC, is the biggest buyer of baby formula.  So if her Nanny State benchmark is the feeding of babies, done & done.

In general, I think WIC is a decent program.  It’s very specific on what you can buy & is a pretty health conscious program.  The major downside is the easy (& cheap) availability of formula for WIC families encourages formula feeding.

I have a few friends who were very clear that their choice to use formula was made when they knew they qualified for WIC.  I also have a sister who was one of a handful of mothers in her county who chose to nurse while on WIC.  When she had nursing issues, the WIC nurse was at a loss to help since she had rarely encountered a WIC family choosing to nurse long enough to have nursing issues.

What you feed your baby is your own personal choice.  I know that.  I have done it both ways & have a clear preference & that does color my viewpoint so I’ll tuck my breastfeeding soap box back  in the closet.

Did we find a tax cut a Republican doesn’t like? I didn’t think it was possible!

Bachman, if you would like to do away with the Nanny State, you have a lot of programs to weed & a lot of poverty to deal with.  We have serious issues & you are wasting your constituents time denouncing breastfeeding promotion.  Take off the Crazypants & get to work. Or don’t.  You don’t seem to do anything useful anyway…




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