Wanna See Something Kinda Icky?

5 Jan

Right before Christmas MSNBC featured an article about people who are super sensitive to cold.  I clicked on the link because I’m a little sensitive to cold & low & behold – They were talking about me!

Well, not me personally, but me medically.

The story was about Raynaud’s Phenomenon, something I have struggled with for quite a few years.  I was diagnosed well before E~ was born.  At that time only my pointer & middle fingers on each hand turned purple when I got cold.  Now all my fingers are affected, but my middle fingers are the most affected.  My toes change colors & my nose feels cold but doesn’t change colors.


I’m really looking forward to the day when my nose turns purple & I look like an alcoholic.  Hopefully by that time I’ll be wintering in Arizona.

Until that happens, I wear a hat, mittens, Cuddl Duds, & layer after layer from October until late April.

No matter what I do though, I end up with sores on my middle fingers.  Wanna see?

If you don’t, I’ll see you next post.

If you do (it’s really not that bad, nobody notices the sores except for me) here they are!

This first picture is of my left middle finger.  This is a sizable sore but it hasn’t opened yet.  It’s tender, but not terrible to live with.  Or at least it’s not terrible until I whack my finger on something  & you have no idea how hard you are on your fingers until you have a sore on the tip of one.

Below is my right middle finger.  It has been bad this year.  It has three little sores & has been very painful.  It’s better now that the two little sores have scabbed & healed.  Just waiting for the last scab to give way.

I’m hoping 6 days in Puerto Rico will speed the healing along 😉

So if you see me walking the kids to school on a cool May morning wearing a sweatshirt & gloves or digging peas out of the freezer at the store wearing mittens, you’ll know why.



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