I Feel Cheated

12 Dec

We were supposed to get a blizzard last night.  High winds, 5 inches of snow, cold temps, the works.  I was fully expecting church to be cancelled today, so J~ & I let the kids stay up late last night watching The Muppets Christmas Carol.

This morning, J~ & I woke up & checked our mobile devices hoping for a reason to stay in bed.  Only, it was not to be.  A look outside showed us that we’d been fooled by the weather people.  No snow, just wind & cold.  What’s the point of having wind & cold if it’s not even going to be pretty out?

I guess we needed to move a little farther north.

This video shows the Metrodome collapsing this morning from the weight of the snow.  Or as a friend put it, “After 28 years of sucking the soul out of every sports fan who enters its doors, the roof of the Metrodome finally breaks under the strain.”


I have fond memories of the Metrodome, probably because I’m not a huge sports fan, just a huge fan of marching bands.

Anyway, I’m glad we don’t live in a place that had to pull plows off the streets because plowing was an effort in futility, but it sure is pretty & I bet for a few days it would even be fun!



One Response to “I Feel Cheated”

  1. thinkanddream January 8, 2011 at 9:20 am #

    catching up on your blog, so far behind! yeah the metrodome thing was pretty weird. the morning it happened i drove towards downtown and the skyline looked so strange. i see the dome everyday since i get of the light rail there, it is still kinda weird looking but i am getting used to it. maybe now the vikings will leave mn or at least use their money to build a new stadium. i don’t believe that the taxpayers should financially support it.

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