I’m Becoming That Mom

9 Dec

E~ has been working on a project for the better part of a month.  In 4th grade, the big fall project is the Invention Convention.  Each student invents something to solve a problem & then they have to build it & put together a storyboard for the actual Convention.  Their inventions are judged & each class sends 2 inventions onto the district convention.

This has been something E~ has been looking forward to since last year.  All Fall, he kept a notebook of ideas.  Most we had to put a stop to, like the tank/bicycle he & a couple of friends were building in the backyard.    It was made mostly of tile, particle board & they were going to take apart someone’s bicycle for the gear.

There really isn’t a level-headed kid in the bunch.

Anyway, E~ finally settled on making me a Lazy Suzan (his spelling) for my bags of spices.  For the past 3 weeks, he & J~ have been building & painting & assembling.  The past 2 nights we’ve been working on his storyboard.

We all know how E~ feels about my red pen, & after 2 late nights, he was in no mood for my spelling & grammar corrections.  His invention is great, his storyboard makes me cringe.  He designed it, cut out all the letters, cried at the misspellings, wrote on the board, & then crossed things out, glued pictures, & added a paper model to a large empty space.  It’s a work of…something.

I just bit my tongue.  You would be really proud of me.

This morning as we dropped off his invention, I noticed other kid’s boards & now I’m wishing I had pushed for more professionalism & that we had a working printer.  His invention is really good, but his storyboard might hurt him.

I didn’t realize until this morning, how much I want him to win his school competition & move on to Districts.

Thankfully E~ doesn’t seem to care about winning, he just wants some sleep.

I think he has the right idea.  I would like some sleep too.



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