My Year In Statuses

8 Dec

For the reading pleasure of my readers who are not my ‘friends’, here’s a review of my 2010 Facebook statuses. (I really think stati makes a better plural form of status but apparently that’s not a word)

  • I found the floor in the laundry room!
  • Reason #43 to have 3 kids.  When Sibling A goes to a sleepover and Sibling B worries about sleeping all alone in his own bedroom, Sibling C can move into Sib A’s bed so Sib B can continue his tradition of never sleeping alone.
  • Sorry about the blinding flash earlier, I stepped outside with shorts on.
  • A year ago we made the big move to Metropolis.  To mark the occasion, I found a new stylist.  Tomorrow I will legally admit to living here by getting a driver’s license.  I still miss Rural City, but I’m also feeling ready to move on.  Here’s to Year Two!
  • Winter, how can we miss you if you won’t go away?
  • Warning!  Taking your 3yo daughter to the nursery to pick out flowers is a bad idea!  Especially when she says things like “This flower is so pretty I need to dance!” You will spend way more than your budget with that kind of hard sell.
  • Wahoo!  Last Day of School!!
  • Just finished having breakfast with my favorite cousin & her family.  Now we’re getting ready for a day at the beach.  *happy sigh*  I love summer vacation!
  • Had an adventurous night in Williamsburg, VA.  T~ tussled with the bed frame & the bed frame won.  After 3 hours in the ER, she now has 4 stitches above her left eyebrow.
  • Just had a neighborhood Pajama Party, also known as Forgetting It’s Trash Day.
  • I hope my sister doesn’t mind that her 2yo (who’s staying with me for 6 days) is now calling me Mama. (He still called me that at Thanksgiving.  He’s my favorite nephew)
  • 13 years ago it was really freakin’ hot.  Happy Anniversary J~!
  • Has successfully ruined E~’s last day of summer vacation by making him empty the dishwasher.
  • feeling unmotivated.  Having pie for supper.
  • E~’s assignment for tonight is to list things not yet invented when I was in 4th grade.  My suggestions were CD’s, digital cameras, color computer screens.  His suggestions were TV, movies, cameras, flashlights, electricity.   How old does he think I am?
  • Nothing makes my head itch more than a lice outbreak at the kid’s school.

Not terribly exciting, but it was an easy blog post!



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