22 Nov

So I missed a day.  I have a good reason.  Maybe I’ll back date a post when I get home.

Lots of travel over the past couple of days & not much time to do anything but pack & drive & drive a little more.

*Potential Burglars – the house is armed with the usual curses & we’ve added a few spies*

Our Thanksgiving travel plans were moved up a couple of days by the death of J~’s grandma.  She was 102, so while it’s sad, we’re really very happy that she has gone home to her Savior & been reunited with her husband & other family long passed.  It truly is a Christian Victory for a life well lived.

That just meant we had about a day & a half to clean the house, get through all the laundry, & pack up for our tour of the southern portion of Northern Midwest State.  In the meantime, my cold became a sinus infection & has since stalled on bronchitis.  Fun times.

Tomorrow we head west.  We’re trying to beat an impending ice storm.  I love winter travel…  But once we’re at my sister’s it’ll be time to relax while the cousins play & my sister cooks & cleans for 11 people 😉  After that, we’ll head even farther west & catch up with some old friends & meet their new baby.  Then it’s home in time to recuperate from the whirlwind travel & prepare for the next week & its various adventures.

‘Tis the season.



One Response to “Oops”

  1. Lynn November 23, 2010 at 10:50 am #

    Offering prayers for J’s grandmother, as well as safe travels during the holidays.

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