My Red Pen

19 Nov

I have many torture devices I use on my kids.  The one that works best on E~ is my red pen.

Come hell or high water, that kid is going to learn how to write!

This week he thought I was being unfair by marking up his Letter to the Editor assignment because of capitalization mistakes, spelling errors, & because he has trouble with homonyms.  I thought he was being overly dramatic about the life-ruining power of my red pen.

Someday he’ll get it, right?  I’m not asking him to be thankful that I point out he used ‘were’ when he means ‘we’re’.  Though it would be nice if he understood that spelling a word correctly doesn’t necessarily make the word right is not just my rule, but a worldly one.

Just won thyme, I wish he wouldn’t mown sew much when he is knot write.




2 Responses to “My Red Pen”

  1. Tonya November 19, 2010 at 11:46 pm #

    your last sentence is priceless. It is much like the emails and fb comments I get from junior highers!

  2. Kristi November 20, 2010 at 10:26 am #

    Eye here ewe. If eye had a pen-knee four ev’ry thyme sum-won rote aye wered in-core-wrecked-lee, eye’d bee uh vary well-thee chic.

    right-ing like thees eez two diffeekult. eye got-tuh stahp.

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