I Just Saved Us Hundreds Of Dollars On Winter Gear

5 Nov

Want to know how?  By finding the bag full of  mittens, hats, scarves, & gloves in a closet!

When we arrived home from our vacation in July, we came home to a flooded basement.  Before we left on vacation, I had moved our basket of winter gear to the basement so that sometime before November it could be washed & stored.

Or just washed & brought back up stairs.

Anyway, the basket was a casualty of the flood & I washed the stuff in it hoping to stave off mold (the water had been there for about 2 days unbeknownst to our house sitter).  It all came clean & made a trip upstairs to the bedroom where it sat on my dresser until I got tired of looking at it, bagged it up, & put it in the guest room closet on some boxes behind some old coats.  I’m sure it was the most logical place I could find at the time.

I have been searching for this stuff for about a month now & just found it today!  Just in time too.  Tomorrow I was going to have to break down & place a rather large order on Lands End to replace our gear.  Credit Crisis Averted!



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