Baking For E~’s Birthday

25 Oct

First we had the Aircraft Carrier Cake.  Then I made Lego heads for his school treat.

If I see cake again, it’ll be too soon.

In my search for something neat to make, I found Bakerella.  E~ & I looked at the site & decided we could pretty easily turn a cake pop into a Lego Head.  It worked, but I’m guessing Bakerella could have made them look more professional.  Here’s what we did.

I used the leftover cake from the aircraft carrier & the leftover buttercream frosting.  Next time I’ll use lemon cake or white cake.  I thought the melting chips would hide the cake color, but it didn’t.  Live & learn.  I mixed the cake with the icing & then used a cookie scoop & made balls.  I put the balls on cookie sheets covered in wax paper.


Cake balls

I then put the sheets in the freezer.  I left them for about 2 hours, but you can pull them out sooner. When the balls were solid & not terribly sticky, I rolled them into an oblong shape, gently flattening the top & bottom.  Next time I’ll put them back on the wax paper by the bottom, rather than laying them down again.  I also added Smarty sandwiches to the top for the nub.  I used regular icing to glue the Smarties together.



Taking shape

When I was ready to begin making the Lego Heads, I used a double boiler & melted the melting chips (found at Micheal’s).  I was worried the chips would cool too quickly & was a bit obsessive about keeping the pot warm.  I didn’t need to worry.  I think had I microwaved the chips, keeping them melty warm would have been more difficult.  I used both bags, but really only needed one.  Having two bags did makes it easier to dip the cake balls.


While the chips are melting, you need to turn the cake balls into cake pops.  You do that by dipping the end of a lollipop stick (also found at Micheal’s) in the melted chips & then stick it in the cake ball.  I would go about half way.  After sticking the cake balls, put them back in the freezer for 15 minutes until the sticks are set.

Now you’re ready to dip.

Take the cake pop & slowly dip it into the chips.  Tilt the pop to each side to coat the bottoms.  I would leave a little cake exposed.  The cake oozes out the bottom as it warms up.  I did this inadvertently, but I didn’t have any with a cracked coating so I’m guessing that is what saved me.  Slowly pull the pop out of the chips straight.  Twisting the pop will give you a swirl texture.  You can use your finger to carefully sculpt the chips.  I never did figure out how to get a really smooth pop & one without a little curl at the top.

Once you have the pop coated, push the stick into some flower foam blocks to dry.  They dry quickly.


Drying Rack


When you’re ready, you can add the face.  I used gel icing, but I won’t do that again.  I just really didn’t want to fork over $8 for edible inking pens.  The gel worked, but it doesn’t really set & it’s a pain to transport.


Lego Pops ready for transport


After some trial & error, I learned they are better off cold.  I put them back in the fridge after they were set enough to lay down.  Otherwise the pops tend to lean precariously on their sticks.

Here is the finished product.


E~’s classmates loved them.  And it’s a good thing too.  They were a lot of work!  Maybe I’m glad the school district is going to prepackaged food next year…




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