What The Heck Lego?

24 Sep

E~ is drooling over the new Harry Potter sets offered by Lego.  He’d love The Castle, but it has no Ron minifig.  He’d love The Burrow, but it has no Ron.  The only sets with Ron are the Hogwarts Express & Hagrid’s Hut.  And the only set with all 3 main characters is Hagrid’s Hut.

Explain to me, Lego, the idea behind selling the $130 Hogwarts Castle without Ron, but with such vital characters as Mrs. Norris & not 1, but 2 Dementors.  We couldn’t do just 1 Dementor, we need 2?

But that’s nothing compared to The Burrow, home of Ronald Weasley, who does not make the minifig cut in favor of Fenrir Greyback & Bellatrix LeStrange, 2 characters that in the books at least, never stepped foot on The Burrow’s property.

I find it hard to believe Harry Potter hasn’t been read by anyone in product development at Lego.


I’ve always really liked Lego, but now they’re just as stupid as any other toy company.

Except maybe Playmobil.  They have dumb sets (I’m talking about you Romans!) but at least they haven’t sold out.




2 Responses to “What The Heck Lego?”

  1. E. September 29, 2010 at 7:44 am #

    It’s to make you buy more sets!

  2. Jim October 10, 2010 at 8:26 am #

    I actually like the new sets but i agree that the development team didn’t resarch enough. I found a blog post for the UK Harry Potter Lego Sets the prices are the same in the UK but they doesn’t seem to be enough stock in the stores

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