Time For A Meme

22 Sep

Tired of looking for blog fodder?  Here’s a simple Meme.  Tag yourself if you want to!

What I’m reading now: Just finished Mudbound & re-reading Circle of Friends because there is nothing better than visiting an old friend.

What I want to read next: Room by  Emma Donoghue & Earth by Jon Stewart et al.

What I’m watching: Ahh, the new fall season.  I love Biggest Loser, The Office, Community, & 30 Rock.  Oh & I have a thing for Superiority TV, ie, Hoarders & Intervention on A&E

What I’m reading to my kid: The Cinder-Eyed Cats for T~, & I’m looking for suggestions on what to read to the boys for their bedtime book.

What my kid is reading: E~ is reading The Last Olympian & Harry Potter #7, at the same time.  I don’t know how he keeps the casts of characters straight.  G~ is reading Mouse & the Motorcycle & various Magic Tree House books.  T~ is reading Fancy Lancy (or Fancy Nancy to the rest of you)

What I’m listening to: Crazy Frog.  Annoying, definitely, although it is better than listening to E~ hum the Imperial March over & over & over.

What I’m cooking from: A Year of Slow Cooking & my trusty green binder of recipes

What I’m looking forward to: Nap time & payday.



One Response to “Time For A Meme”

  1. Lynn September 22, 2010 at 9:57 pm #

    Any books by Matt Christopher my boys loved. All sports oriented, so are biographies, some fiction. I would think all the kids would enjoy the Little house series-heck I would like to reread it!

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