20 Sep

Dear Kimberly Post,

Please stop sending your mail to my house.  You haven’t lived here for at least 2yrs, probably much longer.  The occasional junk mail is completely understandable.  We see things for the most recent previous owner too.  But a package?  A package that was obviously sent from your grandma or some other person that still wraps packages in old paper grocery sacks?  That’s just cruel.  Kimberly, please let your grandma know your new address, stop using mine as your go to address for junk mail, & we’ll all be happy.


Dear Facebook Friends,

Please look into ‘Liking’ Sophos.  It is a site that updates to your news feed  the scams currently running around facebook.  Scams like:

  • Hidden message in Toy Story 3!  Can’t believe I missed this!
  • Win a free Ipad!
  • Teacher nearly killed this boy
  • Official Dislike Button
  • Shocking Video of *insert name here*

And my personal favorite

  • Obama caught shoplifting!  On tape!


I’m sure this is a very recent development.  Otherwise the GOP operatives would have used it in the previous campaign, don’t you think?  If it is new, I have a few questions.  Namely, how did Obama get to Target to shoplift anyway?  Doesn’t he usually have to travel with a rather substantial entourage making a video of shoplifting rather hard to get?

Use your common sense people!!!  If you have to click through to see the sensational link, it’s only so they can hack your account!  I can understand the older, more naive user, but the guy that works for a web based company?!  You should know better!


Dear Etsy,

I love this picture!



One Response to “Dear…”

  1. E. September 20, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    That picture is freaking hilarious! And shouldn’t there be a statute of limitations that just allows you to open the package from her grandma? I mean, sure, send the grandma a thank you card and all . . . but it might be some really yummy cookies that won’t survive the additional days in the USPS. Or it could be hideous pink bunny pajamas, but that could actually work in your favor what with halloween coming up and all.

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