No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

7 Sep

Age 10 has to be better than age 9 right?  It’s E~’s only hope for survival.

The kid needed clothes.  Badly.  So Monday afternoon he & I headed out in search of jeans, shirts, & church pants.  Things were going really well so I thought I’d take E~ to Sonic for a treat.  We both ordered a cherry limeade & split some cheesy tots.  I parked the van so we could share our snack.  As we were finishing E~ looks back at his seat & realizes his RED drink has tipped & is spilling onto the 1yr old van seat.

I was proud of myself.  I didn’t yell & we cleaned the mess up as best we could.  When we got home, E~ finished cleaning up the mess & was very apologetic.  No harm done.

That was yesterday.  Today I am heading to the store with T~ & as we turn a corner she points to a Sonic cup rolling around by her seat.  I rightly assumed it was E~’s empty cup from the previous day.  Only it wasn’t empty.  Or at least it wasn’t empty until after it had dumped the rest of its contents onto a different seat as we were tooling around town this morning.

*Taking slow deep breaths*

I found lime pulp & a cherry.  The rest has soaked into the seat.

It would not be wise to call the school & leave a message telling E~ he is dead when he walks in the door.

But it is really tempting.



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