You Smell Like Nasty Dog

27 Aug

That’s what I said to my dog as she was sleeping at my feet.  Egads, she reeks.

I had been taking her to a groomer & they’ve been okay.  The place smells, not like wet dog, but like cigarettes & despair.  It was cheap & easy (like Barbie!) to get an appointment & as a big time procrastinator, it was a good match.

But now that Charlie is old, I thought I should take a little more care in who grooms her.  Plus, our new vet has these exam tables that go up & down!  I had no idea such a thing existed.  But now that I have an old dog, an elevator table is a must!

The search for a new groomer was on.  I called the big chain pet store & they wanted ungodly amounts of money for a bath & a nail clip & they could get her in tomorrow.  But they didn’t have the fancy table.  I called another place & they had a fancy table & reasonable rates.  But they couldn’t get her in for another 2 weeks.

Decisions. Decisions.  Smell or Comfort?  Which is more important.

I’m a sucker for my dog.  We’re going to wait.  I’m thinking that being booked solid with appointments means they must have a decent reputation among their clients.  Charlie will be happy because she won’t have to be lifted & I will find some body spray & try to mask the smell.

Seriously.  She STINKS!



One Response to “You Smell Like Nasty Dog”

  1. Jo August 27, 2010 at 8:49 pm #

    Zoey stinks too and I can tolerate it for maybe 1 hour. So, Ralph went to Farm King and bought one of those round metal dog bathtubs. Out comes the hose, dog shampoo and some old towels and 30 minutes later–a fresh smelling handsome dog! Until she finds something to roll around in……..

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