Did You Know…

25 Aug

It’s Wednesday night already & I’m just checking the blog for the first time since the last post?  What can I say, school keeps us busy.

E~ is loving 4th grade.  G~ is happy enough & has only complained once about his teacher yelling. *sigh*

That’s all I want to say about that.

It was odd tonight, studying spelling with both boys sitting at the table.  For so long, spelling has been E~’s cross to bear.  It’s fun to torture another kid with words.

Today, T~ & I had a busy day.  We went to a friend’s house for a planning meeting for our little preschool co-op.  Two neighbor friends have kids the same ages as T~ & none of us had a strong desire to send our kiddos to formal preschool & voila!  a co-op is born.  So far, we have lots of field trips scheduled, ideas of what we want the kids to accomplish, a teacher schedule, & a basic lesson outline.  All 3 kids are super excited & can’t wait to start.  I’m excited to get started too.

I had grand plans for this week & so far have accomplished very little.  I had wanted to steam clean carpets, sand & paint the window trim in the boy’s bedroom, workout at the Y more than once, & figure out who needs what for pants & long-sleeved shirts.

I have accomplished nothing from my list.  I wonder how I can be so busy with something & nothing all at the same time…



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