Day 8 – Lots of Pictures

9 Jul

The Norfolk post is going to have to wait.  E~ is having a hard time narrowing down which of  his 114 pictures to include in his post about the Naval Shipyards.  So we will skip Day 7 & take a look back at Day 8.

Colonial Williamsburg.  I have fond memories of my trip there as a kid.  I most remember sitting on a jury in The Capitol & following the militia.  I thought the kids would love it.

E~ thought it was great.  The other two tolerated it.  They would have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been 110° outside.

Bit of an exaggeration.  It was only 100°.

G~ & T~ most enjoyed the tour showing how colonial kids lived.  The kids had to learn their courtesy, how to dance, how to shop & make change, & lastly, how to water the garden.

Getting water from the well. It's a good thing Colonialists had lots of kids to help 😉

Carrying water to the garden

Watering with a pinchpot. Submerge it in water & put your thumb over the top. It would take a loooong time to water a garden that way.

After the kids were done working, it was time to play.

G~ playing with an old-timey toy

E~ getting the hang of the hoop

There were lots of Redcoats around.  They were gearing up for the 4th of July & the reenactments involved a lot of what life was like during the occupation.

Redcoats on the move

Colonial Williamsburg was interesting, but hot.  I think E~, at 9, really absorbed the colonial life.  The other two were too young for the ‘living museum’.

After a long day in the hot sun, we got some ice cream & went back to the hotel for a swim.  But Evening 8 is a whole ‘nother post.



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