Days 2&3

3 Jul

We drove.  From Fort Wayne IN through Ohio, West Virginia, & Pennsylvania all the way to Hagerstown, MD.

My Travelers

It was a long day.  But the kids did really well.  They read.  They slept.  They played DS.  They ate.  They pottied.  And when we finally pulled into our hotel at 10pm, they mostly stayed asleep.

What we hadn’t considered was the evening drive through the Maryland mountains.  I had a couple instances of heart-stopping deer spotting’s, but thankfully, we came through the mountains unscathed.

The next morning we had a fantastic breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express.  Their cinnamon rolls were fabulous.  Mine are better, but these, I didn’t have to make 😉  Plus they had eggs which T~ loved, & biscuits & gravy & fresh fruit.  Yum!

After breakfast, we loaded up & hit the interstate.  Our end goal was Ocean City MD with a stop in Annapolis.  It was really, really hard to drive right by the numerous exits for Washington DC.  I love that place.  Anyway, we made it to Annapolis, parked the van on this teeny little street full of teeny little houses, had a picnic lunch & found our way to the Naval Academy.

What a beautiful place!  The G~ & T~  loved the 2 Olympic sized swimming pools.  I was amazed that all 4200 students live in one dorm. Jason enjoyed seeing an actual Heisman Award.  Ethan was in awe of the model ships.  After the tour we stopped at their museum with all the model ships.  Ethan did not have possession of the camera so there are only a few pictures.  Like this one:

This one was made of bone.

After Annapolis, we made our way to OC.  It was a nice drive.  When we arrived, we checked into our hotel, ate an overpriced supper, & went for an evening stroll on the beach.  We were all soaked by the time the ‘walk’ was over.  I was happy to see that no one was scared of the water & that meant the next day was going to be a lot of fun splashing around in the Atlantic.

Here are a few more Annapolis pics.

The foyer of Bancroft Hall

View of campus from the chapel

Next up, the Ocean!



2 Responses to “Days 2&3”

  1. Jo July 8, 2010 at 12:01 pm #

    In Alabama right now along the Gulf Shores (Ralph grew up here and mom still lives here). Staying at Ho Inn Express and ate those yummy cinnamon rolls this morning. Will enjoy them for the next 4 days…… Jealous?


    • Kristen July 8, 2010 at 8:51 pm #

      Jealous? YES. Have one for me!

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