Day 1

2 Jul

It is time to look back on our vacation.  I have been meaning to post pictures here & on Facebook but sleep has been more pressing.  I am exhausted.  It was a wonderful vacation, but we were never in bed before 11 & our days were always full.  I think T~ has finally caught up on her sleep.  She slept 14hrs Wed. night & then took a 2hr nap on Thurs, a sure sign we wore her out.  G~’s is tired too but also feels too old for a nap, so he’ll just crank it up until I force him to nap.  E~ is, as usual, fine.  J~ went back to work yesterday & it was weird.  I could really get used to the whole 2-parent leisurely lifestyle thing.

Onto Vacation Recap – Day 1.

Our goal was to leave the house by 9.  If memory serves, we were over our estimate by about 15 minutes.  Not too shabby.

Our destination for Day 1 was Fort Wayne IN.  We were going to visit our friend Aaron who had just started Summer Greek.  After supper at a Mexican restaurant we went on a tour around his school.  It’s a beautiful campus with a great playground.  The only problem was the lack of bathrooms near the playground.  T~ told me she had to potty so I thought we’d try the squatty potty (me, squatting, holding her in a potty position).  We’ve done this before with no luck.  This time she must have really had to go.

Unfortunately, she had to go poop.

Being firm believers in leaving no trace when walking your dog or child, we found a plastic bag & rectified the situation.  I just love all the material the kids give us for later blackmail.  Anyway, the next morning we went to Aaron’s favorite church, an almost Catholic, Lutheran church.  He calls it High Church, we call it Catholic-lite.  After church we had some nasty fried chicken at a druggy park, said our good-byes & hit the road.



But you’ll have to wait for that post.  T~ is in the midst of a meltdown.  I think it might be lunchtime.

The Fountains Of Fort Wayne



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