I May Have Lost My Son To The Navy

25 Jun

E~ is smitten.  He’s been into ships since our vacation last year to the Soo Locks.  This vacation we ventured to the Naval Academy in Annapolis & finally to the Naval Base in Norfolk.  I haven’t looked at the camera yet, but since he wore out the battery, I’m guessing I have many pictures of ships to share.

Saturday (I looked at a calendar today!), we are heading to Colonial Williamsburg.  It’s supposed to be nasty hot, but I will try not to complain as we will be wearing normal clothes & not in period dress like the poor Colonial workers.  The kids are not thrilled about tomorrow but I’m hoping they’ll find something redeeming about the place.

Sunday, we head to Richmond to meet a missionary that works in T~’s province & then meander our way home.  J~ has visions of a 15hr drive home.  I think he must have heat stroke.

We may all have heatstroke after tomorrow.

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One Response to “I May Have Lost My Son To The Navy”

  1. Jo June 25, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    We went to Baltimore, Washington DC and Hershey a few weeks ago. The first day is DC was SO hot, it was unbearable. So, the second day, we took so much water, washcloths to wipe our face and we dressed in the most comfortable clothes possible. That day, we were inside buildings all day! When we finally made it up to Abe Lincoln, Zach turns around and says “I want to go back to the hotel”. Hope your day isn’t as bad!

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