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14 Jun

I had this really great post on Facebook friend whores brewing in my head, but now I’m not mad about it so it’s hard to write now.

I love Righteous Indignation! It unblocks the bloggers block.  In a nutshell, a relative of a relative of the guy I married keeps making friend requests even though the numerous times we’ve been in the same place, a ‘hello’ was a bit to painful.  I was going to give in & set up a restricted page for the few people that keep requesting & I keep ignoring, but that seems like so much work.  And there is the principle of the thing – If you can’t be friendly in person, I’m not real inclined to show you pictures of my vacation.   I’m truly not that interesting so the repeated requests have to be about number padding.

What did we ever do before Facebook?  Talk on the phone?  Send emails?  It all seems so quaint now.

Speaking of quaint.  We had a fabulous weekend in Rural City.  We stayed with our former neighbors & the kids were in heaven.  I don’t think any of the 4 boys missed a beat.  It’s like they picked up playing where they’d left off.


I miss our neighbors.

The main event for the weekend was the wedding of one of our ‘kids’.  B~ has worked for J~ for many years & was in our youth group at our Rural City church & now he’s all grown up & married to his beautiful bride.  We’re so happy for them.  And we’re happy for us, because the bride & groom are moving to Metropolis in August!  Now we just need to get the other Rural City people to make the move & we’ll be all set.  I wouldn’t mind if the Rural City & Metropolis world’s collided a bit more.

But now we’re back home.  This week we start baseball & we hope to get a few trips in to the pool.  The kids & I ventured to the pool on Friday & I ran into 4 people I knew.  G~ played with one of his school friends, T~ was surrounded by MOPS friends, & church was represented as well.  Last year we were so annonymous, I considered getting a bikini.  This year I wouldn’t risk it.  I’m not sure I’d risk it anyway.  The new funky glasses were a stretch, I think a bikini would require an out-of-body experience.  Preferrably a model’s body.

Anyhoodle.  It was a fun weekend filled with friends & my week is definitely off to a good start.



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