Dog Update & Other Things

18 May

Charlie is doing much, much better.  We took her in to the vet again on Sat. & she put Charlie on a steroid & I now have my dog back.  Charlie’s back to bouncing at the door when she knows it’s time to leave to walk to school & sleeping at the foot of the bed.  I am extremely relieved & am quickly heading back to my happy place where my dog will live forever.

We had some family in this past weekend for E~’s chorus concert & track meet.  No, it’s not a combined event, although that would be awesome.  All year, E~ has been going to school early on Wed. for boy’s chorus.  He never really said much about it, but he never complained about going so we figured it was a good thing.  Anyway, the concert was last Thursday.

I am one of those parents that hate Sunday School programs & elementary school concerts.  They’re too stiff.  They’re too uptight.  They’re no fun.  But we go, we clap, & then we’re done for another year.

Thursday night’s performance was a blast.  I cannot sing the praises of the music teacher enough.  She is fantastic.  You could tell she enjoyed the boys, which is a feat.   I personally think 3rd &4th grade boys are like aliens from another planet.  So goofy & weird & they’re starting to smell 😉  Anyway.  Mrs. Music has done wonders with the boys & we had a fun concert filled with songs & laughter.

On Saturday, E~ ran his 2nd track meet.  I didn’t get any good pictures though.  Maybe this weekend.

On Saturday night, my lovely older sister announced that I was pregnant to my facebook friends.  I had no idea there were that many people on facebook on a Saturday night.  I’m still fielding inquiries about my supposed pregnancy.

Just in case you missed my clarification.  I am not pregnant.  I don’t plan on becoming pregnant.  And I totally deserved that since I announced on my sister’s page that she was pregnant with triplets at Thanksgiving (she wasn’t).  I’d forgotten all about payback…

Only 10 days of school left!!!!!



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