I Blame The Weather

3 May

That’s my excuse for my disappearance from the blog last week.  I had really good intentions, but very poor follow through.  Story of my life.

Which is what today’s post is about.  I figured it was high time to do my biography.

WAIT!! Come back!  I was only kidding!!

The post will actually be the usual nothingness you have come to know & love.

Today’s nothing is mainly about keeping me from rewriting, for the 8th time, my little speech to tonight’s School Board.  I loathe speaking in public.  But someone needs to do it & this time, it’s me.  I’m not going to ad lib, which I hope the board will appreciate.  But that means I have to write my thoughts out in a form other than a blog post.  I’ve been doing this ‘stream of consciousness’ thing for so long, I’ve forgotten how to write any other way.

Anyhoodle.  I’m trying to come up with a concise, non-inflammatory way of saying class size matters & supported, valued teachers go on to have happy classrooms full of learning kids & why don’t you cut your own bloated salary instead of cutting teachers?

I wish I could go back to my happy place, where I knew nothing about the philosophy our district has about education.  Namely, high school sports reign supreme & you there with the snot nosed little kid – sit down & shut up!  I could not believe it when the not-so-superintendent tried to appease parents about class size by comparing an AP English class of 35 kids to a 1st grade class of 27.  I can’t decide if she’s really that unintelligent or it’s been that long since she’s been in a lower grade classroom.

I fully expect nothing to change.  Which is sad.  Nothing like fighting a losing battle!

Hmmm.  I wonder how many posts I can milk out of school politics?




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