It’s Thursday?!?!

22 Apr

This was going to be a full week on the blog.  I have a number of posts sitting in my drafts waiting to be finished & edited, only, now it’s Thursday & I only have one post up about potty training, which Murphy’s Law kicked in, finally.

Whew.  How’s that for a run on sentence?

I knew we couldn’t hide from Murphy & his stupid Law forever.  T~’s been dry at night for months.  This week I’ve had to wash her sheets twice.  I loathe to go to the pullups, but I’m almost out of Tide & payday isn’t until next week.  Other than the night stuff, pottying has gone very well.  She amazes me.

The other thing occupying my time this week is a brouhaha at the boy’s school.  We found out late last week that G~’s wonderfully sized Kindergarten class, in the fall, will become an oversized 1st grade.  G~ has excelled this year in large part because his teacher has 16 kids in the class.  It’s the perfect size for learning to read, for math, for forming friendships, for learning how to do school, & for getting individualized attention.  His whole class was at or above grade level by Nov.  That’s amazing considering some of the kids didn’t know the alphabet when they started school in August.  A bunch of parents met with a district rep this week to learn what was driving the decision.  What we learned was disturbing.  The cut is about budget (they won’t admit that though), but mostly the cut is because the district has neglected to plan.  They operate on a reaction basis, not an action basis.

I find that really appalling.  They also have no upper limit to class size.  It was quite clear that district priorities do not include their teachers or their students.   We have quite a mess here.

Also a mess?  ME!  P~ did it again.  Monday’s class involved a lovely game of stations & poker.  Tuesday morning, I woke up at 4am, thinking, this isn’t going to be good.  I hobbled around most of Tuesday before finally popping some Advil.  I’m still a little sore today.  But we’re just about to leave so I can go workout the rest of the kinks.  And we’re going to attempt to get T~’s social security issue resolved.

Also resolved?  Our ugly, branch dropping tree is finally gone!  Last summer a branch fell & hit T~ on the shoulder.  Yesterday I exacted my revenge & it is now out of my yard & all chipped up.  The ash tree can’t hurt us anymore.  And maybe our next door neighbors will be so happy its gone, they’ll talk to us about something other than how much they hate our tree.



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