Facebook Funny

17 Apr

I feel like I’m plagiarizing, but I haven’t seen any rules on this.  Anyway, the other night J~ showed me a status update of a friend of his.  I forget how he knows her, High School, Marching Band?  I forget.  Anyway, I laughed & laughed & laughed.  I hope you will too.

Just picked L up from Spanish class. She was beyond excited saying, “I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU!”. She proceeded to pull up her skirt, move her tights down and dig in her panties (in front of others). She pulled out a crumpled up paper towel with something in it. She opened it up and said, “I saved my snack for you to try, it is SO GOOD!”. Where else is a girl supposed to save things without pockets I guess??

Happy Saturday!



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