When Do They Sleep??

15 Apr

There is something seriously wrong with my kids.  From the moment they came home from school yesterday, they were outside.  They played in the backyard until we left for the park.  We were at the park for 90 minutes.  Then after supper they were back outside for a Calvinball type creation.

The evening wound down with showers, nails (I hate cutting nails), stories, prayers & a nice tuck-in.  That was done by 8.

At 9, T~ came down to use the potty, quickly followed by G~ looking for some water.

This morning, I thought I’d have to use a crowbar to get the boys out of bed.


They were up by 6:30.

Maybe they sleep at school??


If you are the praying sort, could you add Emmet to your prayers?  His mom writes one of the adoption blogs I follow & her little guy is having some serious medical issues.


I  know you are all waiting with baited breath for the recap of our lovely weekend.  One more day.  Today, we’re biking to the library.

Priorities, people 😉



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