7 Apr

I know by writing about this, I will undo any progress T~’s made, but, somehow she found her way to the Potty Train!

Last night she & I were watching The Biggest Loser.  Actually we were stuck watching the overly excited weatherman as a line of storms rolled through the area.  T~ decided to entertain herself with her potty chair.  I helped her get her diaper off & let her play, thinking she’s not actually going to do anything.  A few minutes later I hear her shout from her closet “Mama!  I went poop!”  I thought, yeah right, but went in to check.

Well in that little potty, sitting in her closet, was poop!  She was super excited.  I obviously praised her & planted the little seed of taking the new box of diapers back to Target telling them ‘no thanks, we don’t need any more baby diapers!’  T~ was all for it.  She wore a pull up last night & was dry this morning.

This morning was the big test.  Can she do her morning pee in the potty?  It didn’t look good.  Her first attempt yielded a couple of drops.  While she was eating, she hopped down from the stool & finally let it all out.  In. The. Potty!!!

I have high hopes that this time she will do it.  It was all her idea so that fits with her inner control freak & her disdain for anyone telling her what to do. I had completely dropped the subject with her, hoping to give us both a break from the potty power struggle.  My plan was to try again in May.

I’m so happy she’s taken the lead & tonight’s reward for a dry & clean day is painted fingernails & toenails.

Keep your fingers crossed!



2 Responses to “Jinx!”

  1. Kristi April 7, 2010 at 4:39 pm #

    Perhaps we should cross our legs instead. Go, T~!

  2. Emily April 8, 2010 at 10:15 am #

    Way to go T~!

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