Year One

6 Apr

Today marks the end (I hope) of one of the toughest years in my life.  A year ago today, we left Rural City & started over in Metropolis.  I hadn’t thought of the move as ‘starting over’ but that is what it’s been.  For some reason, I had hoped I’d just pick up my life in a new place with a new cast of characters.  It doesn’t quite work that way.

There are still good & bad about Metropolis, but the bad list is getting shorter.  As much as I miss the Rural City school, the boy’s have had fantastic years in their new school.  As much as I miss the people from our former church, our new church has offered us many more opportunities for spiritual growth.  As much as I miss my old house, I really enjoy having my own bathroom, free of toothpaste explosions, & a flat backyard.

There are many things I miss.  I miss  going into a store & having a conversation with at least one person I know.  I miss being able to get anywhere in about 10 minutes.  Most of all, I miss my friends.  I miss playgroups, mom’s nights, softball, baby-sitting swaps, etc.  I’ve made some friends here, but we’re not going to get kicked out of any restaurants 😉  I suppose that’s a sign of maturity, but I kind of prefer the potty* talk.

But there are things I love about here that we wouldn’t have there.

I love that one afternoon during spring Break, there were 9 kids in the backyard playing (& I didn’t have to drive around town to get them there).  I love that when the kids have sleepovers, they are literally down the street.  I love walking the kids to & from school.  I love that when they ride bikes around the block, they usually pick up friends along the way.  I have met some really nice women & I enjoy forging new friendships. I’m thankful we are closer to our extended family (most days).   Oh, & I really like our new doctor’s office.  The staff there is helpful & always nice.

I am finally ready to move forward.  I spent a lot of energy this past year on standing still, dwelling on what I lost.  But it’s time to embrace where we are & move on.  I don’t know what that looks like, but I’m ready to enjoy the ride.




One Response to “Year One”

  1. Julie M. April 10, 2010 at 12:26 pm #

    I’ve never been back to that restuarant. I didn’t think it was all that anyway! 🙂

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