It’s Melting!

11 Mar

The snow is nearly gone.  You know what that means.

Dog poop!  Everywhere!

It’s a mine field out there.  Walking to school is a dangerous operation.  One misstep & you have smelly shoes all day long.

Most of the people I see walking their dogs have bags with them so I’m assuming it’s a pack of stray dogs fouling up the sidewalks.  It just can’t imagine the dogs in this semi-snotty, appearance oriented, neighborhood behaving like that.  These dogs are diabolical.  They have even pooped so that your choice is either walk through the deep puddle, or step in poo.  Maybe they are from the subdivision over the hill.  I hear they have townhouses over there.  It must be the dogs from the multiple family dwellings.

It’s been almost a year since we moved here.  Something about that anniversary is really affecting my attitude…

*Insert Random Tangent Here*

This video never fails to make me smile.  It’s the inner Band Geek.  My boys prefer this version & while it’s fun to watch, I still prefer more cymbal & brass.



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