Olympics In Real Life

15 Feb

The Monday Cardio instructor is diabolical.  I’ve been taking P~’s class since August & most weeks I’m more sore after her class than I am after the weight lifting class.

P~ is good.

And inventive.

One week we did stuff with just the exercise ball.  I thought the class was easy only the next day, I could barely walk up stairs, much less lift my hand to pop an Advil.  Then there was ‘Sports Week’.  Swimming, biking, boxing, & skating, all without equipment.  At Christmas we did a version of the Twelve Days of Christmas that left me sore for about as many days.

I knew what was coming today.  Olympics, Cardio Style.

It’s been 4 hours since class ended & already my butt hurts, my arms ache & my legs shake when going down stairs.  I fully expect lots of groaning tomorrow when I get up or sit down or have to walk.

The upside is I have no guilt about the Oatmeal Creme Pie I just ate.



One Response to “Olympics In Real Life”

  1. Kristi February 16, 2010 at 9:46 am #

    You go, girl! You’re gonna kick butt in the marathon!

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