25 Jan
  • The boys were really disappointed about the Vikings game.  E~ holed himself up in his closet for a good cry after the game was over.  Today he was better but is firmly entrenched in the camp that the loss wasn’t the Viking’s fault but the Ref’s fault.  We nipped that pretty quickly.  E~ is really good at blaming others for everything.
  • I can’t believe I wrote that much about professional sports.
  • I began painting our bathroom over the weekend.  I think I knew J~ had no intention of helping, but I dove in anyway.  I’m frustrated with the progress.  It’s slow to cut-in & roll all by myself.  Of course there’s not much room for two people to work in the bathroom, but that’s beside the point.  It also doesn’t help that I used a roller with the wrong knap.  Or is it nap?
  • That’s what I wanted to do this weekend.
  • I nearly pantsed myself while painting.  I was climbing down from my step stool & stepped on the cuff of my pants & nearly lost them, right in front of the window.  I am that talented.
  • The cat left me a present after he escaped into the garage this afternoon.  I would have preferred poo.
  • Actually, I wouldn’t have.  A dead animal, J~ will pick up.  Poo, that’s my job.
  • I wish I could speak more than Dora Spanish.  Counting to 10 & saying Let’s Go won’t be much help during our playdate tomorrow with the family from Chile.
  • J~’s office hired a guy who relocated his family from Chile.  They’ve been living in a hotel for 3 weeks with their 3 boys with no school or any other outlet for the boys.  I’ve finally found a day to have them over to play.
  • I have no idea how I got so busy.



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