The Dangers Of Showering Before School

21 Jan

Metropolis is a bit of an ice skating rink so the kids had a late start.  I thought I would take my shower before taking the kids to school since we didn’t have to leave the house until 10.

Big mistake.

This is what happened during my absence.


Face, meet foot.


I heard G~ screaming in my bedroom, but I said not one word because:

  1. I had just heard them chasing each other around the upstairs complete with slamming doors.  They didn’t really want me to interrupt my shower to take care of that.
  2. A closed bathroom door has never stopped them from barging in to complain that sibling A, B, or C, has looked at them or touched them or their stuff & needs to be punished RIGHT NOW!
  3. They are 9,6, & 3!  Can I not trust them to keep it together for 10 minutes while I shower?!

Apparently not.



One Response to “The Dangers Of Showering Before School”

  1. Lynn January 21, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    Mine are 18, 15, and 13 and I’m still not assured of getting a shower by myself. Not very comforting words, but you are not alone.

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