Happy Festivus!

23 Dec

We’re skipping the Festivus Pole & going straight to the Airing of Grievances.

I got a lot of problems with you people!

  • Jenny – you now have a job with normal hours.  I always want to talk to you around 2pm & now you’re working instead of just getting up.
  • Becky – I don’t like that you have class in the morning when I want to talk to you.
  • The Metropolis Street’s Dept – you really need a tutorial on how to clear snow.
  • E~’s Metropolis 2nd grade teacher – you are the worst teacher we’ve encountered.
  • The Dog – quit crying when I try to trim your nails.  I’m sorry about cutting that one too short 8 years ago.  Get over it!
  • Driver’s on The Corridor – stop tailgating already!  I do believe 70mph is fast enough, especially when it’s icy out.  Morons
  • Smokers – cigarette butts are trash & throwing them out your car window is littering.  Plus, you smell.
  • Swearers – I prefer my children not learn those words.  It is completely unnecessary to have the f-word & the s-word & g-d-words in most conversations.
  • J~ – stop asking me what about today’s plan.  I don’t have one other than a little baking, a little napping, & a lot of relaxing.  If you want a project, think of one yourself!
  • Cartus – for obvious reasons.

Now the Feats of Strength!

Wrestling the Head of the House




One Response to “Happy Festivus!”

  1. Becky December 23, 2009 at 6:28 pm #

    waaa, I haven’t had class for almost a week now and I don’t have morning classes next semester, just for you. Don’t you love the potty mouth. I’ve noticed it a lot lately during cell phone calls. One of these days I’m going to politely ask them to stop swearing around my children. Grrr.

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