I Did It!

15 Dec

And my blood pressure only went up a little & I didn’t break out the vodka!

That’s right folks!  It’s time to wrap up the Cartus Experience from Hell.

I’ve had the Cartus evaluation sitting in my email for 5 months & today I decided I was calm enough & I had enough perspective to write it up & send it in.

I’m also sending a hard copy to J~’s company just to make sure it gets there.  We all know how Cartus is with handling information…

Reading over our notes, it’s amazing to me the number of times our case was mishandled.  In the end, we had 4 different reps & it took the last one a month to catch the final error.

I struggle with getting real specific on the blog about what Cartus did to us.  I probably get a hit/day on my Cartus Sucks post.  I’ve heard from so many people about their horror stories & I’ve not been specific to the general public about all that went wrong with our move.  Sometimes it’s best to leave a private hell private.

Or maybe it’ll be helpful to someone else.

Give me a minute while I wrestle with this.

Okay, here’s the full disclosure.

We were repeatedly told by Cartus these things were in our relo package:

  • A home sale bonus
  • A home sale buyout
  • Closing costs covered if we used a Cartus approved real estate agent

None of those were actually in our relocation package.

All of these lies had huge ramifications.  My blood goes cold when I think about how close we were to taking out a bridge loan so we could buy a Metropolis house.  That could have been a financial disaster.  Thankfully the bank did it’s job & uncovered the missing buyout.  That’s right, Cartus didn’t catch that, our bank did.

My blood boils when I think about the agent we used to sell our Rural City home.  He was awful.  Which would explain why he contracts with Cartus.

There are too many things about Cartus that make my blood boil so I’m just going to stop.

I highly doubt my criticism will be read by Cartus.  It certainly won’t foster any change.  Companies like Cartus don’t continue to do business because they listen to the people they ‘serve’.  Cartus & the companies that hire them are only concerned about the bottom line.  Which is why bottom feeder companies like Cartus stay in business.

So to wrap up:

Cartus really screwed up.  Jason’s company got a discount on our case.  We managed to sell our house & keep our shirts.  From the corporation stand point, it’s a win-win-we don’t really care.

For us personally, it’s a

Lose (nearly lost our minds over the stress of dealing with Cartus)

Lose (lost respect for J~’s company)

Lose (there aren’t words to explain all we lost when we moved).

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?



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