Rediscovering Vietnam

1 Dec

The last few days T~ has been obsessed with all things Vietnamese.  She’s constantly asking questions about our Ha Long Bay embroidery, she’s asking lots of questions about her orphanage sisters, she’s always begging to see the Vietnam pictures.

I’m loving this.  I’ve been noticing her slow realization that she’s a little different.  For instance, she could be in a room full of Asian people & she won’t think she looks like them.  But if she sees an Asian kid with a Caucasian parent, she points out that child & proclaims they are just like her.  I love seeing her mind work, trying to figure it all out.

I’m working on a little project for her, hoping to capitalize on her burgeoning interest in Vietnam.  I’m culling through our pictures & using Shutterfly to make a photo book for her.  That way she can have her own book with pictures that won’t fall out, one she can carry with her & look at any time she wants.

I’m also hoping to include pictures of her sisters.  The group we traveled with still keeps in contact & as one dad put it, some of the girls now have brothers, but they’ve always had sisters.

On Wednesday, she & I are going to talk about Vietnam to G~’s class.  I’m regretting the decision to not buy an Ao Dai in every conceivable size while in Hanoi.  I don’t know how I forgot that little shopping expedition.  Anyone know of a place to order them from?



One Response to “Rediscovering Vietnam”

  1. Emily December 1, 2009 at 9:04 pm #

    Ebay? Amazon?

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