Turkey #1 is Done

23 Nov

I’m making 3 turkey’s this week.  One for E~’s Pilgrim Dinner at school & two for Thursday.  I like the idea of a 20lb bird but not the dryness & lack of flavor that usually accompanies a bird that size.  Instead of the big bird, we’re having a med. bird & a turkey breast, just in case the 13 people I’m feeding are really ravenous.

The Party Coordinator (I think they used to be called Room Mother’s) emailed me today to check on the turkey.  Apparently in years past the turkey has arrived late or undercooked so she was trying to warn me of those pitfalls.  Which is exactly why I volunteered to take on the turkey.  It’s amazing how many people are freaked about cooking a turkey.  It’s EASY!  Get yourself a roasting pan.  Spray the turkey with olive oil.  Insert an orange, roast breast side down & voila! a perfect Thanksgiving Turkey.

Now to tackle Bathroom #1 for our Thanksgiving Guests…



One Response to “Turkey #1 is Done”

  1. Julie M. November 23, 2009 at 6:12 pm #

    FB is acting wierd. It won’t let me comment on your status or wall. Anyway, Thomas liked NintenDogs & Cars. Maybe if I get back on tonight I will try to type it again…

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