A Nice Library Is A Dangerous Thing

18 Nov

Yesterday I was looking for a book.  In Rural City that meant cruising Amazon & placing an order or borrowing a book from a friend.

Metropolis has a few more options.  Not only do we have a Barnes & Noble, we also have 2 libraries relatively close by & they are staffed by people who enjoy books & children.  What an amazing concept!

So T~ & I are in search of some books.  T~ found a few, her new favorite is Catalina Magdelena Hoopensteiner Wallendiner Hogan Logan Bogan Was Her Name.  The girl loves her word salads…  Anyway, I’m cruising the new stuff & find No Time to Wave Goodbye.  I’d read The Deep End of the Ocean years ago & it was a good albeit disturbing read. I like a good sequel so I picked it up.

And put it down last night at 1:30.

I’m a little tired.

The book was okay.  In retrospect, it was not Reading Till 1:30am Worthy.  There were a few chapters that went on way longer than necessary – I’m talking about you Sheriff Swift & your endless monologue about what kind of weather a rescue team can do an effective search & why you won’t authorize one now & egads, the formula & supply debate too…

Anyhoodle, I baked & salsa’d (fruit salsa, not the dance) & bejeweled trying to stave off a nap.  Now I’m just a little cranky, the camera won’t download the pictures so I can’t do the blog post I was originally planning, & the internet is really slow tonight.  But the kids are in bed, I maintained my composure while E~, instead of getting ready for bed, was doing his Risky Business Impression (he didn’t know that’s what he was doing, he thought he was only being ‘funny’.  He says funny, I say annoying).  Now I’m going to finish this post that is way longer than it needs to be, find my jammies, snuggle under the covers & read my next book until I fall asleep.  The book is written by a well-known politician so that shouldn’t take long.



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