I Hope You Like Bullets

25 Oct

Even though J~ was home most of the weekend, he still wanted a blog post so he knows what’s going on around here.

My life in Bullets:

  • The Proposal was better than The Hangover or Year One, but not by much.  At least is was sweet & had no gratuitous crotch clobbering
  • The laptop is sort of not working.  It probably needs to have a bunch of stuff moved off it to the external hard drive but that is safely locked in The Safe Which Cannot Be Opened.
  • Don’t buy a Honeydeepplacewhereyoudrawwater firesafe with an electronic keypad.  It eats batteries & when it dies, it dies.
  • On the other hand, if you are a burglar, a Beenectarwell with an electronic keypad can be opened with a drill.  You have no idea how reassuring that is…
  • I hate typing on the desktop.  The keys are too soft & are at an angle.
  • I need a recipe for Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup.  There’s a restaurant here that serves it on Thursday’s & I should probably learn to make it instead of going broke buying it by the gallon.
  • I’m really looking forward to Tuesday – no MOPS, no volunteer workshop at school, no class at the Y;  T~ & I might just stay home.
  • E~ is very patiently waiting for his aunt (*ahem* Jenny) to get her check in the mail so he can buy his ridiculously expensive Lego Star Wars thing.  He’s very cute about it.  Whenever he talks about his future purchase, he always phrases it “If I get any more birthday money, but I’m pretty sure Jenny said she was sending me some…”
  • I was looking at ESPN The Magazine’s Naked People Edition & T~ was reading over my shoulder & singled out Adrian Peterson.  Peterson, as he’s known around here, (he even has 2 Mii’s, one is a righty & one is a lefty) was moderately dressed.
  • J~ is very proud.  Not that Peterson was dressed, that T~ knew him by sight.
  • I’ve decided to paint the trim in our house.  Yes, I realize it’ll probably take me a year & yes I’ll be sick of the project in a week, but it needs to be done.  The house looks so dingy & beat up, I think fresh trim paint will go a long way.
  • I keep seeing more & more Rural City people at Target here in Metropolis.  A friend said that always happened to her at about 6 months post move.  Today it was you Jen E.  I have no idea why you didn’t say hi 😉
  • Facebook’s Visual Bookshelf recommended Somebody Else’s Daughter.  I read the whole thing but it was not enjoyable.  The author tried to pack way too much stuff in the book & didn’t cover any of it well or make me care for the characters at all.  I finished it but only because I hate to leave books unfinished.
  • T~’s bedtime routine now consists of a story with milk, prayers, a song (I’ll post a video of her singing it later), tucking in, & now counting to 10.
  • She can also skip, just not in her bed.
  • G~ has impetigo & yes, I’ve been sending him to school all week with it, because I thought he was getting Kindergarten acne.
  • I fully expect to start some sort of epidemic at the boy’s school.  We tried Hand Foot & Mouth earlier this month & we hoped to introduce the plague that has ravaged the Rural City schools, but that didn’t take, so we moved on to Impetigo.  After that, it’ll be strep or pink eye.  We haven’t had those yet this year.

How was that J~?  Are you caught up now?



One Response to “I Hope You Like Bullets”

  1. Julie October 25, 2009 at 9:37 pm #

    I get really confused now when I go to the store and think I see someone I know. I have to think about where I am – IL, NE, IA, IN, or TX.

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