Hand, Foot, & Mouth & The Great Escape

27 Sep

I earned Mom of the Year this week.  First I completely ignored G~ when he complained about his cheeks hurt.  Then I noticed spots in E~’s mouth but really wanted to do my Body Pump class on Friday so I sent him to school.  Don’t judge too harshly, he was running around the house & yelling at his brother & sister & he wasn’t complaining.  G~ was sooo tired all week but I chalked it up to getting used to Kindergarten.  By supper time on Friday both boys were in agony.  Off to the dr. we go!  Both have lovely cases of Hand, Foot, & Mouth.  You’d think by now I’d know HFM is a virus & the only thing you can really do is treat with pain meds.  Our former dr. would give us Tylenol with Codeine.  I love Tylenol with Codeine.  This dr. wasn’t inclined to prescribe narcotics so we could all have a nice weekend 😉  It’s going to take some getting used to our new dr.’s medicinal preferences.  T~ has been healthy so far.  I’m sure she’ll get sick so I’ll have to miss class & I’ll never look like this:


Give me a few months & I'll invite you to the gun show

Give me a few months & I'll invite you to the gun show


I love it when the kids are really sick but I completely miss all the signs.

The only thing that got me through all the whining this past week was the thought of my weekend away.  On Saturday I drove away from the house as fast as I could after lunch for a little shopping.  I as looking for something specific but came away with this instead.


I’ve had my eye on this jacket for months.  Only I wasn’t going to fork over $80 for a rain coat.  All I had to do was wait several months & Sears eventually would sell me the coat for $16!  That’s right $16!!  I love clearance sales.  I also found some cute things for the kids but nothing like the steal that is my raincoat.

After the shopping I headed south to Rural City for a lovely Mom’s Night.  We met for Mexican food & then went to see a friend in the female version of The Odd Couple.  After that it was drinks until really late followed by crashing into bed.  Morning came too early but I did enjoy my breakfast with my friend C~’s kids.  What a great way to start the day, Panera Bagels & 6 kids talking about the fun of ‘our’ sleepover.  I love sleepovers where the kids sleep in a diffrent room than me 😉  I love C~’s kids.

I left my sleepover & headed to our former church for our friend’s daughter’s baptism.  We’ve been waiting for years for them to have a child to baptize (& love & parent, etc) & it was a long-awaited, joyful, & tearful occasion.  It’s always wonderful to be around our church family.  I had a wonderful chance to visit with friends over lunch & had a surprise run-in with a grandma from G~’s preschool.  I really miss living in a place where someone familiar is always popping up.

Now I’m home & happy to be Mom of the Year again.



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