Monday Mashup

8 Sep

My hubby is the greatest.  He spent the majority of our gorgeous long weekend in the garage.  His goal was to clean & organize it so we could park the van inside.  First was to make sure he could stay connected to the sporting world.

TV, Stereo which is wired to the computer & the baby monitor in case he'd be able to hear Tova over all the other racket.

TV, Stereo which is wired to the computer, & the baby monitor in case he'd be able to hear T~ over all the other racket.

Whatever helps get the job done.

At the end of the second day he’d created this.

Storage along the side

Wide open space.

Which we promptly filled with this.

In the garage where it's supposed to be.

In the garage where it's supposed to be.

I told you he was great!


I’ve been a little amazed at the number of facebook posts today about Obama’s speech to school kids.  I am shocked that so many people I call actual friends (not just facebook friends) seem to get their news from FoxNews, home of news that only seems fair to the unbalanced.  Just Kidding!  Save you hate mail!  I find Fox detestable;  I get my news from The Daily Show, home of completely unfair & unbalanced news but then again, they never claim to be anything other than that anyway, which I’m sure viewers of Fox find just as detestable, although probably funnier.

Anywhoodle.  Here’s a link the transcript of the Scary Speech of Indoctrination.  I haven’t watched it but I did read it & thought it was great.  I like the reinforcement to the kids that they have responsibilities in their education.  E~ needs to hear that more.  He’d be happy to have someone talk at him & not do anything other than draw plans for his next great Lego Star Wars creation.   I take some blame for his laziness.  He’s our first so I helicopter parented him for about 3 years & 3 weeks & then G~ came along & E~ had to learn to do a few things for himself.  He’s the child that would like to blame everyone else for his problems & have anyone else fix what’s ailing him even though it’s well within his power to fix it.  Not that the President’s speech is going to fix that, but it’ll be nice for someone other than me to try to get the point across.

Speaking of politics.  Here’s a great video explaining the need for universal health care.

Discuss amongst yourselves.



One Response to “Monday Mashup”

  1. Tracy September 8, 2009 at 3:43 pm #

    I heart Jon Stewart. 🙂

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