Feeling Supported

3 Sep

Thanks for all your kind comments & calls after my last post.  I’ve been feeling a lot more settled so it surprised me at how upset I was at his teachers rather innocent comment.  It’s good to have a place to vent.

It’s also wonderful to have supportive people around you.  Which I have in spades.

I do think I am nearing the end of my Grief – Moving Edition.  Or at least, I’m finally working my way towards acceptance.  I’d love to move back to Rural City, but if I do, I know I’ll actually miss some of the things here, & I don’t mean Target.  We’ve found a wonderful church, and it has actually been a bonus to be closer to MN.  I was able to make it back for a funeral that was important to me & had we been in RC, it would have been a lot more difficult.  Last weekend all the grandparents & some of our sister’s met us in Minneapolis for a Twins game & a day in the Cities.  All that would have been a lot harder had we been in RC.

I won’t go too much into the things I don’t like about Metropolis as I’m trying to stay positive, but you RC people will never know how good you have it if I don’t tell you.

The major grocery chain is Hy-Vee.  I loved my RC Hy-Vee.  If you wanted something not in stock, they’d try to get it for you.  When I make Pho I need the beef cut very thin & most of the meat guys know exactly what I’m talking about because they made a point of remembering.

The Hy-Vee’s here are awful.  The race car shopping carts don’t fit in the check out lanes.  You have to walk the entire store because they put the dairy all along the back wall.  When you walk in the store, you have to battle the check out lines & then you actually enter the store by the liquor.  Now, I sometimes feel like a drink after fighting to get into the store while shopping with my 3 lovely errand runners, but I much prefer entering the store through the calm of the produce section.  So RC people, consider yourselves lucky – your Hy-Vee is ‘old style’ & the new design of Hy-Vee SUCKS!

Wow, that wasn’t supposed to be a huge rant, but seriously, I spend a lot of time at the grocery store & I have yet to find one I like.

In other supportive news, after 12 years, we have bid farewell to our bed & bought one that does not have a ridge in the middle, butt sink holes, & snapped springs.  The simple pleasures of a comfortable nights sleep…

Make sure you Harry Potter fans check back tomorrow for a truly magical post.



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