Summer’s Finally Here!

9 Aug

Just in time too.  It’s the last full week of summer vacation & the forecast has highs in the mid to upper 80’s all week!  Yippee!  We’ll see you at the pool!


We had a great time at my sister’s.  We didn’t do much, & that was fine with me.  The kids rode bikes, fed calves, played farm & stepped in lots of poop.  I read a book, watched the kids do their thing (except the stepping in poop) & relaxed.  We took the kids to a great indoor pool, who knew Y’s could have nice, kid friendly pools?  They had a water slide G~ & T~ could go on.  G~ was thrilled.  The pools in Metropolis have a minimum height & G~ is 1/4in too short.  We’ve tried a couple of times but he’s gotten to the point where he won’t go near the slides because they keep telling him he’s too small.  At first he didn’t want to go, but once he realized he wasn’t going to be turned away, I couldn’t get him off the slide.  T~ rode with me.  I only dunked her once, but she gave me another chance & she loved the slide as much as her brothers.

I also was lucky enough to get a taste of what having a new driver will be like.  My nephews were given a kid sized 4wheeler for their birthdays (they’re 3 & 1 & only grandchildren, as if you couldn’t tell ;-p).  They haven’t gotten much use out of it, but my boys loved it.   E~ & I were taking a ride & he told me he would like to drive.  E~ took over steering & the gas.  I held onto the brake for dear life.  E~ was actually fairly cautious, but it was still a scary ride.

He's so proud.  I'm so scared.

He's so proud. I'm so scared.

Checking out the cows

Checking out the cows

Tova taking Coley for a ride

T~ taking Coley for a ride

The ride home was awful, but I won’t relive that for you.  Let’s just say G~’s teacher will either love him or will be driven to an early retirement.



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