182 Miles in 8 Hours

6 Aug

That’s right, 8 hours.  It should have taken 3.  Granted we stopped at a little zoo & numerous towns in search of apples & crackers.  But still.  It took me 8 hours to drive from my parents house to my sister’s.  I’m not looking forward to the return trip.  It should take us 6 hours.  Any bets as to how long the actual trip will be?

It’s a good thing we are at my sister’s.  She lives on a dairy farm & my kids are truly ignorant of animals.  Mostly my sister has cows, but they also have a couple of goats, geese, & cats.  My boys keep calling the geese chickens & T~ refers to the cows as horses.  We could not have picked a better time to get some real world animal experience.  In defense of the boys, about the only meat we eat is chicken & there is endless confusion when we have pork.  Silly kids.

Speaking of kids.  Kindergarten camp went well.  G~ was not surgically attached to my leg when we needed to leave him with the other kids, it only took a crow bar to get him off.  He had fun though.  When he was brought to us in the library he had a huge smile on his face & even waved at a few kids.  Every time we’ve been at the school on official business, a particular kindergarten teacher has always made a point of talking with G~.  I had really hoped we’d have her as a teacher as G~ thinks he ‘knows’ her.  Classroom assignments came out today & G~ actually ended up in Mrs. Nice’s class!  He was really excited when I told him.

E~ knows nothing about his teacher which is as much as I know about her too.  I hope he has a better teacher in 3rd grade than he did in 2nd.  His Rural City teacher was lovely, the Metropolis one was a piece of work.  I know the kids are going to have poor teachers.  Everyone does.  But do we really need to pick on the new kid in school?  She was awful & had waaaaaay too much time on her hands.  Luckily, E~ offset the rotten teacher by making friends so it wasn’t a total waste of 2 months.

I cannot believe we have only 2 more weeks of summer left.  I have a lot of swimming, hiking, parks, & a zoo trip to squeeze in yet.

I’ve finally screwed up enough courage to read A Long Way Gone.  We’ve had the book since our Vietnam trip  & J~ was very moved by the book & frankly, that scared me.  He wasn’t so much moved by Harry Potter, which really moved me so you know it has to be deep.

It is.  I’m only a few chapters in & Wow.

I’ll let you know if I sleep tonight.

My sister is trying to either kill my child or earn the title of Greatest Aunt Ever by letting E~ try & drive a kid-sized 4wheeler.  We are such city people…



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