Metropolis’ Secret Pool

30 Jul

In our house, summer means swimming.  The last few years we practically lived at the pool.  We were there 3 days a week & most Saturdays in July.  The Rural City pool was delightful.  It had a huge 1.5-2ft section that the kids have always loved.  It’s deep enough for some swimming but shallow enough they could always stand with their head above water.  Because they opened early we would have a light lunch then hightail it to the pool for a swim & be home for a nice long afternoon nap.  A busy day at the Rural City Pool were the days a couple of the local daycare’s swam & they had a schedule so, if you felt so inclined, you could easily avoid swimming during that time.

Metropolis has been a little different.  We’ve now tried all 4 pools.  We tried Close to Home Pool & it’s always really busy.  We tried Petting Zoo Park Pool & it’s small & crowded.  We tried Old Mill Pond & my heart sank as no less than 5 huge school buses unloaded their thousands of kids & 3 chaperons for an afternoon swim.  Old MillPond was a nice pool with lots of stuff for the kids to do, if they felt like fighting the crowds for their turn.  Neither the kids or I were impressed.

Finally we tried Secret Pool.  It was wonderful.  It’s smallish, the big waterslide is slow, & it has a huge area for the little swimmers.  The best thing is that it’s not busy.  I have no idea why it’s not busy, hence the name Secret Pool, either people don’t know about it, or there’s some secret as to why no one goes there & frankly, I don’t want to know.  It’s small & I think that limits the number of daycares & I’m beginning to think that’s the big difference.  I love Secret Pool.  I can find my kids without having to search the entire pool.  T~ is thriving with the lack of crowds – today she put her face in the water, on purpose!  A few times I’ve even been able to sit on the side & watch the kids splash around without fearing they were going to be plowed under by some undersupervised kids who shouldn’t be playing on the toddler slide anyway.

Today we took G~’s camera to video Brave T~’s jumps.  I am standing about 5ft from the wall & she has no fear.



One Response to “Metropolis’ Secret Pool”

  1. Elaine July 30, 2009 at 8:59 pm #

    What is it with large caycare/summer camp groups and almost no supervision????? Every time I see that (in museums, parks, movie theaters — all before we moved and while we were on vacation, ’cause there is nowhere around here to go, nor are there enough children in our county to stock one of said daycares/summer camps) umm . . . oh yeah, every time I see that I think, “Thank goodness I can stay at home with my kids, because they would have all been hit by cars or angered movie patrons long, long ago otherwise.”

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