Feline Psychology

22 Jul

Pablo did something Wednesday morning that just shocked me.

He peed on the door leading from the garage to the family room.  The family room side.

I could not believe what I was seeing.  My immediate thought was to grab the kennel ‘cuz Pablo was going to be making a one way trip to the pound.  After I calmed down & stopped spitting nails, I realized what he was doing.

This is the part where I enter the mind of a cat.

I know, I’m really talented.

Pablo HATES the dehumidifier.  I knew this from our old house & the solution was the move the offensive machine to a different part of the basement or turn it off, I can’t remember which.  In this house, the Evil Machine runs more often in the wide open basement. Guess where Pablo’s box is?  Yup, in the basement, all the way across the basement from the Evil Machine.  Anyhoodle, he must have decided not to pee all night long & just to prove his point, while I’m watching him, pee on the door.  I couldn’t believe how deliberate he was.  He didn’t hide what he was doing behind some furniture or when I wasn’t looking at him.  He waltzed over to the door & peed.

Eventually I decided to forgive him, but only after he spent the better part of the morning in his kennel 20 feet from the dehumidifier.  I’m not sure if it terrorized him more or desensitized him, but I felt better.

We’ll see in the morning if Pablo agrees.



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