An Orthopedist’s Dream

1 Jun

Besides the trampoline, what toy is bound to cause more bone injuries?

If you guessed Play Shoes you win 587 imaginary points.

I HATE these things.

Shoes of Death

Shoes of Death

Tova LOVES them.  She wears them everywhere.  Up the stairs, down the stairs, riding her bike, running through the house, on the swings, & even during her nap.  At first I thought it was funny.  Jason & I even joked about how Vietnamese shoe choices must not be cultural but biological.  Seriously, Vietnamese women wear some ridiculously high heels, usually with trouser socks.  Tova’s play shoes have a small heel & I’m sure she thinks a pair of socks would look lovely with her sparkly shoes.

But one glorious sad day, she lost her sparkly shoes.  Tova looked everywhere for them but they were no where to be found.  Until Saturday when she was looking for the cat under my bed & there were her shoes.  Oh Happy Day!!!

I’ve gotten smart though & the shoes are now limited to the first floor of the house.  If only 2yr olds were known for following rules.  I’ve caught them on her feet in my closet (upstairs).  I’ve caught her running through the kitchen (literally.  I caught her to keep her from banging her head on the floor).  In order to get around the “no play shoes outside the house” rule, she stuck them in a baggie & carried them out to the van so she could at least have them, if not wear them.  She even brought out her regular sandals but pitched them behind her; I’m sure in an attempt to frustrate me so she could present her play shoes as a viable alternative to bare feet.

I can’t believe at age 2 I’m already having to police her outfits.  I imagine it’ll only get worse from here…



3 Responses to “An Orthopedist’s Dream”

  1. Becky June 2, 2009 at 8:57 am #

    I believe you did request them for her 😉 Just hope she isn’t the next one to break a leg. Good luck policing her. She sounds pretty smart!

  2. Diny June 2, 2009 at 9:54 am #

    CRACK me up!

  3. Elaine June 4, 2009 at 3:25 pm #

    Oh, I hate play shoes, too! Hate them! Luckily my older two girls have outgrown them, and the youngest one isn’t that interested in them (usually) so the boys, who are even younger, don’t get them out that often. They are noisy death traps, those shoes.

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