Lazy Sunday Meets Plumbing Crisis

27 Apr

Sunday was a wonderful day.  We went to a church where people were nice to us.  The music was good, the message was good (a little long but still good), & overall, a much better experience.

After church we went to eat at a new restaurant (aren’t they all new?) & then home to change clothes so we could go hike at the local lake.  It was a lovely afternoon of hiking.  We found a boat rental place, a swimming beach, & a place to try some fishing.  Our plan for later was to eat supper & head out to J~’s work to make copies of our Christmas letter so I could mail them this week.  J~ also had plans to take the hitch off the car in hopes that it might fit on our new van which is supposedly going to be bought later this week, & fix the toilet that G~ broke (who knew a 5 yr old could lift the top off the toilet, & why would he want to?).  (This post is full of asides today, sorry).

What actually transpired was the hike, supper, followed by a plugged kitchen sink.  So instead of copying the Christmas Letter, taking the hitch off the car, & fixing the toilet, J~ spent 3 hours snaking the drains only to realize at 9pm, he can’t fix it.  That only added to his frustration.  He’s so busy at work right now with planting & the house isn’t quite unpacked & put away yet, the kids need his attention after a 3 month dry spell, & he has no time for anything other than putting out fires at work.  What seemed like a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon quickly went down the drain.  Get it?  Drain?!  Hahahaha.

I spent my Sunday night perfecting an already perfect Christmas Letter (I’ll be sure to post it after it’s mailed), folding laundry, reassuring the kids that I would never leave them upstairs during a tornado, & finding earplugs for G~ so he could finally go to sleep.  Why must it only thunder at bedtime?  WHY?!

My day so far has been spent discussing E~’s increasing laziness at school, talking with our Realtor about our home warranty only to discover the home warranty hasn’t yet been paid for by the seller so we can’t put in a service call & have it paid for, calling plumbers in hopes of finding one with a slow afternoon, keeping T~ & G~ apart so they don’t do further damage to my ear drums, doing some preschool work with G~, & now finding someplace for lunch since the breakfast dishes are still on the counter full of milk & stuff & the rest of my dishes are in the dishwasher that cannot be run due to blockage in the drainline under the basement floor.

What I was going to do today was join the Y & clean out the van.

I guess there’s always tomorrow…



2 Responses to “Lazy Sunday Meets Plumbing Crisis”

  1. Lynn April 27, 2009 at 1:57 pm #

    Glad to hear that church was a better experience, and sorry about the kitchen sink. But hey, that means you get to order out/go out to eat since you can’t cook. That works in my book!

  2. Christina April 30, 2009 at 1:28 pm #

    Oh my goodness. That sounds SO frustrating. I can really relate to all the moving stress. I swear every little thing is just so much harder when you are new and the house is new and you feel like it takes 5 times longer to do anything. The good news is, eventually all the kinks (or most of them!) will get worked out and things won’t be so crazy. Just keep telling yourself that for a while. 🙂

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