A Big Hug

16 Apr

I wonder what the record is for the first return trip ‘home’ after a move?

I made it 9 days.

G~ had his preschool field trip to his teacher’s sheep farm on Wednesday so G~, T~ & I dropped E~ off at school & headed out of town so he could go.

For G~ the trip was well timed.  He’s bored & missing his friends.  The trip back to see his classmates seemed to put the sparkle back in his eyes & greatly improved his mood.  I think he needed to see that his friends remembered him & still liked him.

For me, it was probably too soon.  I felt so sad driving down our old street & seeing our old house (which T~ excitedly pointed out).  It brought tears to my eyes seeing G~ run to his teacher & throw his arms around her.  It brought more tears to my eyes to see G~ & his buddy A~ holding hands & acting like long lost twins.  I couldn’t bring myself to stop by E~’s school & see friends there or stop in at the neighbors for a quick visit.  I ache to go ‘home’ & I think seeing all that we’re missing is just adding to my melancholy.

It was a beautiful day & here are some pictures.

Gavin & A~, Kings of the Tree House

G~ & A~, Kings of the Tree House

Petting the Baby Lamb

Petting the Baby Lamb

Gavin's Class

G~'s Class

I hope the funk clears soon.  I’m getting a little tired of myself.  I’ve been looking for MOPS groups or story time at the Library or some sort of playgroup in hopes of meeting a few people.  I found a few leads & am hoping to try them out on Thursday.  I haven’t told G~ yet.  He’ll just make me more nervous by also being nervous.  Wish me luck!



One Response to “A Big Hug”

  1. Elaine April 16, 2009 at 8:40 am #

    I know *exactly* how you feel. Time helps, of course, but there are still days when I’m a little tired of myself. Of course, if we had a Target nearby that might help. 😉

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