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8 Apr

That’s all I got from E~ on our walk home.  Eventually I was able to glean that they had done Roller Skating in PE, he drank most of his water, & he’d done a math worksheet on multiplication.  He was in a good mood on the walk home so I took that to mean he had a pretty good day.

Unfortunately, he’s back to his usual tricks & the one thing he was supposed to remember to bring home is sitting on his desk.

Later, I had my dad call to see what he could get & while he had a nice chat with E~, he didn’t find out anything new.  Right at bedtime, E~’s friend Gr~ called & the flood gates opened.  I think they talked for 15 minutes.  Lesson learned, next time I need info on E~’s day, I’ll eavesdrop on his conversation with Gr~.



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